Cranky and the Viruses is a studio project of mine which emits a collection of demos and sketches every eight years. Releases were in 1996 and 2004, which means we’re due for another one in 2012.


The two most recent releases are in much prettier form at the Cranky and the Viruses Bandcamp site  and can be downloaded for free (or any other price you choose).

Cranky and the Viruses 2010

Six songs, two years early

Doodles and Daydreams (2004)

New song collection. Enjoy!

Lassa Fever and Pearls Before Swine Flu (1996)

Lassa Fever and Pearls Before Swine Flu were two cassette tapes that circulated and even got some very occasional and unrequested radio airplay by the psychotic and disaffected. About half these songs ended up being HungryHungryHippos songs.


Most of these songs are available digitally at Lassa Fever Pearls.