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Don't Cross The Line

You trusted them and now you're screwed

and you've got a violent point of view

you're ready to bring the fist of justice

And you, you're gonna tell the cops what's true

and you'll get the victory you're due

and it's time to bring the fist of justice


but it's all right to be cheated

don't cross the line old man

cause you're all right and you're needed

so don't cross the line old man


Your designs and strategies have filled your mind

Put the tapes away and go outside

go and teach your kids a little kindness

And their lies will choke them like a poison vine

and their kids will smile with hidden knives

just waiting for momentary blindness 


Last Call

It's the last call and a bad call

You needed a little nursing, simple and pure     

And you got a grave with service,

A hospital with no cure


Last call


Is this a healer or a dealer?

He won't help me get you healthy, he's drugging you still

He's paid for each day your dragged through

With kickbacks for every pill


Last call


Am I a bad son, or just a weak one?

I'm sorry I left you in here, and left you alone

You suffer the consequences

But I'm working to get you home


Last call



Miles of wear and smoky air, growing old

Your hero's come home to die

and he's told his final tales to be told

The others lost for all time

and the news will spread 

what you fear and dread

you can finally eulogize

with the words that you should have said

before he was dead


when your hero's dead


They let Jesus die on the side of a cross

and the guilt took over their brains 

and they chopped the wood into relics for fools

and stripped the sense from his sayings 

Where's the stronger man 

to carry on his plan?

Cause you ended up just a comfortable fool 

when they needed an heir with a vision instead


when your hero's dead


wheels steady over the rubble,

the river he'd come to love

the minutes ticking away


you put your hand on his shoulder

and tell him what was important

how proud you are of his days


and you finally asked him the questions 

about the mess of your life

the moral choices to make


and he gathered up

his final strength

Those blessed meek you're always trying to save--

That's you too.


In the end don't box me up like a rat in a trap in the earth

Burn me down in the sheets of fire and release all the spirit I'm worth

If there's something next, we leave the bones and flesh

If there's something next, we leave the bones and we leave the flesh 

When we're finally dead.


The World Has Too Much Noise

I'm hitting empty at the side of the road

and I'll take another breath of it

There's nothing sacred in the weight of the load

so why are you so scared to death of it       


Outside it's so quiet.


Cause when the spirit leaves the body and pain

well there is no point in saving it

we'd gather round to set the body aflame

but the morgue has got a waiting list


Outside it's so quiet.


High above the atmosphere, 

there's nothing here, nothing here

Up and through the heavens 

there is nothing left to hope for here, 

there's nothing here to fear but fear


Well every guru says the world is divine  

to keep you playing with your toys in it

to give you comfort like a fetus in wine     

this world has too much noise in it


Outside it's so quiet.


Sifting the Ashes

Remember those nights when my mood was defined

by the milky flow and the bloodstream tides

I'll cry and I'll moan and the years unfold

And you'll put your grownup plans on hold


Page by page, line by line

Blink and you'll miss it

Rip each page from the book of life

Who'll ever know?

Page by page, line by line

Blink and you'll miss it

Rip each page from the book of life

They never existed


The broken lines and the highway signs

I'll retell the tales from your story times

I dream and wait in my mind's parade 

While you call them to the barricades


Hey let's put the past where it belongs, 

cause you know we're not living life backwards

You've taken these scenes to the great beyond 

and there's no point in sifting the ashes


Lamp of God

Lead me uphill by moonbeam

Guide me to music of breezes

Shield me from drizzles and cold of night

Under the lamp of god


Spark my imagination

Share my sweat and persuasions

Fearless, no danger upon this Earth,

For lovers, the lamp of god

Under the lamp of god

Brief Comments

Roughly speaking, the songs are about the last years of my dad's life, the nursing home, our last conversation, getting him cremated, and remembering our lost shared times. Closing hymn is a rainy, ghostly love song.  


Words and music © 2010 by Eric Hsu. Songs recorded July 2009 (Ashes, Noise) and July-August 2010 on Garageband. Storm in Lamp of God from R Humphries.


Constructive comments welcome at drerichsu@gmail.com.