Hopey Quotes Dec 08


Hopey puts about a dozen rabbit dolls in front of her.

Hope: Baba, Sevie, come here, I’m going to have a show.

Audience gathers. Hopey takes out a blank book and starts turning the pages.

Hope: Once upon a time, there was a rabbit walking down the road. There were a lot of rabbits dancing in the woods. They were called Flopsy. And Cottontail. They had a lot of fun. Then Mister MacGregor tried to eat them. The end.

Teaching Chinese

Sevie: Can you teach me a little Chinese? Hope: Okay. But I only know a few words in Chinese. I’m still learning. Sevie: That’s all right. Hope: I’m going to teach you a word in Chinese now. Sevie: Okay what is it? Hope: “Damn”.

Practicing for Wyatt

Before Wyatt was born, her parents tried to get Hopey used to the idea of a little brother by reading big sister books, etc. One day, she started treating her doll Soppy as her little brother.

Hope: Oh, you have to be quiet, my baby brother is sleeping. Dad: Okay, we’ll be quiet.

Dad and Mom are quiet as she gently puts the doll down on the bed. She quietly pulls the covers over the doll. They are stunned at the tenderness of her maneuvers.

Dad (whispered): Wow, maybe she’ll be a good big sister after all.

Dad and Mom enjoy the sweet moment.

Hope: It’s morning! My baby is waking up.

She gently takes Soppy and cradles her in her arms.

Dad: Hey Hopey, do you want to go to the park in a few minutes? Hope: YES! THE PARK!

Hope enthusiastically jumps up and throws her arms in the air. Soppy goes flying well across the room and smashes into a window. Hopey runs out of the room to get her shoes. Dad and Mom look at the crumpled doll.

Dad: I guess that’s why they can’t have kids when they’re that young.


Ama: I don’t have my map anymore. Hope: Oh, I ripped that one up. Do you have another one? Ama: No. Hope: What about the one on your cell phone?

/(Yes, Dad has an iPhone.)/

Ama: You are a real 21st century kid.

No, Technically It Is Carbon Dioxide

Hope and Dad are in a restroom in a Monterey restaurant.

Hope: Baba, what are those big green things?

Dad looks. They are large gas cannisters. Dad contemplates how to describe the pressurized gas in a way she will understand.

Baba: Well… Hope: Is it helium?

Some Other Quotes

Hope: I’m tired. I’ve been whining all day.

Hope: Baba, next Halloween, I want to be a fairy. Then the Halloween after I’m a fairy, I want to be a butterfly. Then the Halloween after I’m a butterfly, I want to be a lotion dispenser.