Hopey Quotes Fall 08

Offsite Memory

Mom: Did you play with your friend Oona at school today? Hope: I don’t remember. Can we check the web site?

No Way

Hope is having a little fit. Mom: Why don’t you sit down and have some breakfast? H: NO WAY! Mom: Why don’t you stand up and yell? H: NO WAY! Mom: Why don’t you whine and do the opposite of everything I say? H: Okay.

I Am Pretty

Hope is in the bath, pouring bottles of water over her head. Hope (singing): Ya ya yaya ya, I am pretty! Dad: You were already pretty. Hope (singing): Ya ya yaya ya, I am pretty! I am pretty! Dad: Yes you are. Hope: I’m also soggy and wet.

Strong Bones

Dad is walking through Elephant Pharmacy with Hopey. He is concerned that she will see some candy and start negotiating. Then Hopey stops and points. Hopey: HEY! Baba, look! She is pointing at a carton of Rice Milk. Hopey: Doctor Cunningham says I should drink rice milk every day! Dad: That’s true. We should get some. Hopey: Then I’ll be INDESTRUCTIBLE!

Halloween Candy Negotiations

Dad is trying to convince Hopey about a new system where we pick out her 3 favorite Halloween treats from her stash and trade the rest of it for a special toy at the store. Sadly, this system was not explained before Halloween proper.

Dad explains the system.

Hope (excited): Okay, can it be a special toy? A toy I don’t share with my friends? Dad (hopeful): Yes, isn’t it great? Hope (concerned): Can we give them only some of my candy, because I don’t want to have no Halloween candy? Dad: Uh, no honey, it doesn’t work like that. You keep your three favorites and we trade all the rest.

Hope thinks for a moment.

Hope: Can we give them all YOUR candy? Dad: No, it doesn’t work that way.

A scary conversation about cavities and dentists ensues, and finally they go through the candy. Luckily, Hopey doesn't like chocolate for some weird reason so it's not as painful as you'd think. Her favorites are set aside and Dad takes the rest away.

Hope quietly contemplates the deal and is still puzzled.

Hope: Baba, why does the toy store want to eat all this candy anyway?