(So basically below set list seems like two three-hour long sets… anyone care to break this down a little more?? --jwb)

(i would like to do 3 shorter sets, but due to streetsweeping [see below] i think we’ll only have time to do 2 longer sets. also i’ve updated the song sequence, lumping all the hippo songs near the beginning.

so i just found out that streetsweeping occurs on san pablo from 12-3am every night. yikes. i hate to end the night early, but i don’t want everyone to get a ticket. so the evening will probably begin early, maybe around 7:30 or so. -K 8/21)

Also, It’s probably better for my family life if I’m not out way too late… - E

How could I forget My Favorite Song? I’ve added below, and changed the sequence of set #1 a bit. - K (8/25)

Kerwin's Run

The WC Oakland, 2519 San Pablo Ave, Oakland, CA September 17th, 2005

here’s the mp3: http://tinyurl.com/a392e (K 9/10)
(D G)B under descending thing F# f e (G C)

/[Intermission/naproxen Binge]/

(not necessarily in this order)

* easier to play up a half step: (G C)* here’s the mp3: http://tinyurl.com/7t3bk * if jennie is singing this, i think it should be moved to the Karaoke Set #2. (K 9/10) Manic Monday * another jennie song. (K 9/12/05)
D#m C# G#m A#m B …(C# F# B) A#m D#m B C#
Em D Am Bm C (D G C) Bm Em C D

/[possible 2nd intermission depending on time. if we want to leave before midnight we should stop playing by 11:00 or so to pack up.]/

Unlikely 3rd set:

Compost Pile