Kid Tales Dec 09


Most kid stories are being posted as Facebook status updates. I'm collecting them here for the non-Facebookers in Hope's life.


All Aboard

Eric Hsu is pleased. Wyatt has been screaming "ALL ABOARD" every time he sees a train. With some careful engineering, Eric now has Wyatt screaming "ALL ABOARD... NIGHT TRAIN!" James Brown would be proud.

Meow Mix

Eric Hsu recreates about 20 minutes of the conversation in the car home today.


Hope: Do you want to hear what Twinkle Little Star sounds like sung by cats?

Dad: Well, I--

Hope: Meow meow meow..... etc.

Dad: Okay.

Hope: Do you want to hear Ring Around the Rosie sung by cats?

Dad: Actually, I--

Hope: Meow me meow me meow meow.....etc.


[omitted: Baa Baa Black Sheep, If You Love Me Let Me Know, and an encore Twinkle.]


Top of the Pops

Eric Hsu reports on Hope's current favorite songs: Wendy (Beach Boys), Schoolyard (Cat Stevens), Bushel and a Peck (Doris Day), Yummy Yummy Yummy (Ohio Express), Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash) and Rock Around The Clock (Bill Haley). I had not realized there was such a freaked-out wanky guitar solo in Rock Around The Clock. Yngwie!


Going To The Store

Eric Hsu watches Hope and Wyatt beginning to play together. Hope: "Didi, we're going to the store to get plant food. We'll also get a bear, a mountain, a volcano and a flying kitten." Wyatt: "KITTY!"

Death Defying

Eric Hsu watched Hopey doing death-defying jumps off a futon armrest. GOOD: Wyatt cracked up repeatedly and was distracted from missing mama. BAD: Wyatt now determined to replicate death-defying jumps.


Eric Hsu was tucked in to bed (for pretend) by Hopey. She said, "Go to sleep now. I'll tell you what to dream. Dream of ballerinas and mermaids. And if you still can't go to sleep, I'll hold a pillow over your face."


Eric Hsu quotes Hopey: "Yummy Pirate Booty... Hey it sounds like I'm eating a butt!"