Kid Tales Jan 09

A Tradition

When Hopey was about a year old, she was just starting to talk. At that time she almost always spoke about herself in the third person, as in “Hopey hungry” or “Hopey want it”.


I’ll never forget one of the first times she used the first person. As part of our nighttime routine I thought it would be a great tradition to have her try to turn off the light switch. She was almost tall enough, and within a month she would be able to do it. I thought it would be so lovely to reach for it every night and to feel her getting closer and that special day would come when she was tall enough and she would be so proud.


So the first night, I said right before bed, “Are you tall enough to turn off the light?” She walked over and said “Hopey do it!” and stretched up and was about an inch short, even on her toes. I said, “Oh, so close! Let’s try again tomorrow night and maybe you’ll be taller!” Then I gave her a big hug, turned off the light and she eventually went to sleep.


The next night, I said right before bed, “Are you tall enough to turn off the light?” She walked over and stretched up and was a little short, but it did seem like she was already closer. I said, “Oh so close!” and reached out to hug her. She turns to me and says, “I need a box.” Then she wanders over to a pile of stuff, grabs a small clear box and places it below the light switch, stands on it, and flips the switch. Then she flips it on and off a few times to rub it in and says “Hopey do it!”


That’s when I knew she would be trouble.


Hope: Can you sit on MY lap?
Dad: I’m too heavy. You’ll be squashed flat.
Hope: Then you’ll say, oh I miss my Hopey and I’ll have to be your curtain.

Trip Review

Amber: Was Puerto Rico beautiful?
Hope: No, there aren’t many toys there.

Arctic Pigs I

Hope: Can you be the big bad wolf?
Dad: Little pigs, let me come in!
Dad: Igloo? What’s that made out of?
Hope: Sticks and stones and igloo!

Arctic Pigs II

Dad: Little pigs, let me come in!
Hope: Sorry, can you eat my baby brother instead?
Dad: WHAT? You can’t let the wolf eat your brother!
Hope: Okay. I throw a magic rock! Ice cream! Hot water!
Dad: Oh no, I’m frozen solid and I can’t move!
Hope: That’s okay. I’ll get you out so you can eat my baby brother.

A Natural Imp

Mom: Hope, you have all this rice on your shirt. Are you saving it for later?
Hope: Yes, just like baba.
Dad: WHAT?
Mom: I swear to god I did not train her to say that.