Kid Tales July 09


Hope: Venus is the hottest planet. You need sunglasses, an umbrella, cold water and sunscreen. Or you can use a space suit.


Hopey looks at garbage on the street.


Hope: They shouldn’t put that there!

Dad: Right.

Hope: Why did they do that?

Dad: I don’t know.

Hope: Maybe in the olden days there was a garbage can there.

Train Crossing

The car is waiting at a train crossing.


Hope: Why are we waiting?

Dad: Well, if there’s a big train here, can we cross?

Hope: No, but if there’s a teeny train there, then we can drive right over it!

Awesome Museum

Hope is making mud structures.


Dad: What are you doing?

Hope: I’m working at a museum. I’m showing kids how to make dinosaurs and cell phones.

On "California Girls"

Song: and the Southern girls with the way they talk / they knock me out when I’m down there


Hope: You shouldn’t knock someone out!! You could hurt their feelings or hurt them! You just tell them you don’t want to play anymore and go somewhere else.

On "Fun Fun Fun"

Hope: Baba, why did the daddy take her T-Bird away?

Dad: Because she wasn’t acting like a big girl.

Hope: Yes, you can’t act all crazy in a car, that’s dangerous! You have to go someplace quiet by yourself and then go crazy. That’s safe.

More of Dad's Song Explanations for Kids

The Sound of Mooses

Hope temporarily loved scream-editing songs and cracking up. E.g. “doe, a deer a female BALLOON / re a drop of golden LOTION / mi a name I call my DONKEY / etc.”

Detailed Specs

Hope: Baba, I want three stories. One about a train, one about a house and one about drops of rain.


Mom: I think YOU made us all sick.

Dad: Since you’re better before me, you were the one who made us all sick.

Mom: I might take the kids away from your bad influence.

Hope: I wish I didn’t live in this family.

Wyatt Eats

Wyatt, like Hope, has been an early walker and talker. He came out deeply engaged with the world (and not that interested in abandoning it for sleep)…He said “mama” at 6 months, learned to crawl like his Jie jie at Aunt Sevie’s house at six months, and walked at 11 months. Like most kids, if you put food down in front of him (instead of giving him one bite at a time) he would try to eat it all at once, or would play with it like a toy (smear it all over the table) instead of eating it. Recently, though, he has been really interested in eating out of a bowl like jie jie. In the mornings, he wants to play with me, but I’m trying to get kid lunches made. I finally thought to give him a plastic bowl with about 4 blueberries in it. He takes the bowl, walks out of the kitchen to the stairs, and sits down to eat the berries. (This seems to be the most comfortable seat that he can get to himself while holding a bowl.) Then he brings me the empty bowl and asks for “mo.” We do this until I finish making lunches. Then he wants more blue berries to feed me. It’s a good life. -Ellen

Wyatt Swims and Drinks

Last night I took the kids to Roo and Jen’s house for a pool party. Wyatt was pretty uncertain about the rather cold water until he realized that it was like a giant bathtub. Then all he wanted to do was splash. The real kick came, though, during the bbq portion of the evening. He noticed that kids were getting juice boxes out of the cooler and drinking them. He tried to open the cooler, but couldn’t. He asked me to open the cooler. I said “No honey. No juice. It’s almost time for night-night.” Then I went to check on Hope, who was being fed smarties by another little guest (sigh). In the meantime, Wyatt wanted juice. So he looked for juice. He found it on the picnic table--a mostly full abandoned juice box, which he proceeded to gulp down as I came back to the porch. He is his mother’s son. - Ellen