Kid Tales Mar 09

Ask Nicely

Hope (to passing server): I want a hot dog! I want a hot dog!
Server: I’ll be right there.
Dad: Hope, that was rude. Are you ready to act like a big girl? You need to calm down and do the right thing. Here she comes again, so ask her nicely.
Server: Do you need anything?
Server: Awww, thank you.
Dad: Okay, that was too nicely.


Hope: It’s Super Baba! With the power to read.
Dad: It’s Super Hopey! With the power to rescue!
Hope: And Super Wyatt! With the power to eat! And grab hair!


Hope notices some graffiti.

Hope: Baba, look, look! They shouldn’t write there!
Dad: That’s right.
Hope: Why did they do that?
Dad: I don’t know.
Hope: Is it because they come from bad families and their parents didn’t hug them?
Dad: Uh, basically.

Mean Olds

Hope: You’re the Mean Old Mamalama! And Baba is the Mean Old Babalaba!
Mom: What are you?
Hope: I’m Helpful!

Wyatt in a Nutshell

Whenever Hope introduces Wyatt, she says...

Hope: This is my baby. His name is Wyatt. He likes electricity.


Hope: Baba, I bit my tongue!
Dad: Oh poor thing, why did you do that? You need your tongue!
Hope: Yeah, if I had no tongue, food would go tumblety tumblety down my throat!


Hope: Tell me about your wedding.
Dad: Well, it was a long time ago, even before you and Wyatt were born.
Hope: I was only a twinkle in mama’s eye! And Wyatt was a twinkle in mama’s other eye.