Kid Tales Sep 09

Head Removal

Dad: Let's have a snack to take the edge off.

Hopey: Take my head off?? You can't do that!

Dad: No we can't.

Hopey: No, we don't have the right tools. But they did in the olden days when there were giants.



On "Didn't Leave Nobody But The Baby"

Hope: In the song, does someone steal the baby? 

Dad: Yes.

Hope: Those parents are going to be very very sad. VERY sad and they'll learn a lesson, right? They'll learn to be better parents and then they'll learn to lock the door.


Vigilante Snack

Hopey is dragging around a toy Raideen (actually the one I played with as a child). 

Dad: Where are you going?

Hope: I'm taking Raideen out because he's hungry and I'm taking him to shoot more bad people.



Careful Parsing I

We are driving home. 


Hope: Can I have TV when we get home?

Dad: We'll see.

Hope: Can I please have TV? Can we please pretty please with sugar on top have TV?

Dad: Hush! I don't want to hear you say TV again, okay? If I hear "TV" again, you'll have none for sure. 


We pull into the driveway. Then as we get out of the car...


Hope: Baba, can I have...  Do you remember what we were talking about in the car? What do you think?

Careful Parsing II

We are driving home.


Hope: Can we go to the gym?

Mom: No, we're going home.

Hope: Can we go to the gym?  Please, can we go to the gym?

Mom: Hopey, if you say gym one more time, there is going to be trouble.


A thoughtful pause.


Hope: Mama, can we please not go home?

Laptops Everywhere


Those who know us, have seen that perhaps we have an excess of computers in our household.


One morning, when Hope and I were making crepes for breakfast, she, standing on a chair, glanced out the kitchen windows toward the garage, and said, "Mama, Baba left a computer on the garage roof."  I looked out to see our solar gatherer for the motion-activated light.  It does look a bit like an open laptop....   - Ellen


The Fugitive

We had a car stereo stolen.


Hope: I'm going to catch that guy.

Dad: Don't worry the police will catch them.

Hope: That's right, I'll catch them and give them to you to give to the police.

Dad: Stop worrying about it. Just enjoy life, draw, play, learn, grow up healthy.

Hope: Okay, I'll do that so I get big and strong to catch that guy!!

On "Hopelessly Devoted To You"

"There's nowhere to hide / since you pushed my love aside... Hopelessly devoted to you."


Hope: "Why does Olivia say there's nowhere to hide?"

Dad: "That's just how she feels."

Hope: "She can hide under the table, behind the bookcase..."


Tiga Viewing

I took Wyatt to the Oakland Zoo to see real tigers, since he loves his toy one called, well, Tiga.  I imagined the joy he would have to see the big striped cats.


But we didn't have time to see them since he spent a lot of time napping in the car.  I was very disappointed on his behalf, but relieved that I hadn't mentioned the tigers.


So we went to the goat petting instead. I figured that would still be fun.  Then when Wyatt saw the goats he yelled out, "TIGA!" So it all worked out.  - Eric


Hopey's Non-standard Names For A Well-known Call-Response Game