Some Songs For John to Listen To

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Jan 14, 2005

Two more songs. First is the Flying Burrito Brothers original Tried So Hard. Yes, YLT covered this on Fakebook, but naturally, I don’t have the MP3 here. It’s a groovy song. I like the arrangement on YLT a little better, but the Burritos version is excellent in its own way.

Second. I am not a Rolling Stones fan. I find the cult of Jaggar annoying and the large majority of their songs stupid, though I concede that Richards can come up with catchy riffs. Their record Exile on Main Street is hailed by depressives for its loose feel and murky mixes. I happen to really love the sound of the first song on that record, Rocks Off. The song slowly jells for me. The piano enters and the song perks up. The horns come in and the song starts dancing. Somewhere at the end of the middle section, the song sneaks into another dimension. I love the sound of the drums; Charlie Watts does a subtle little trick around 3:30 where he carries the off beat fill through the turnaround into the first measure of the repeated figure. Basically, I just dig the song, and it makes my feet tap.

Jan 7, 2005

Hope you guys can listen to this before Sunday. It’s my new favorite song of the moment, a three-chord wonder called Peng! 33 by Iron & Wine. Very simple, and plenty of room for a guitar solo, so everyone (potentially) wins. This is a cover of a Stereolab song. I’ve never much liked Stereolab, but the words and spirit of this tune are priceless, and the stripped-down acoustic interpretation really allows the song’s essence to shine. I&W’s main-man Sam Beam is a man after my own heart. Incidentally, I found this mp3 by sheer accident/serendipity, but I believe that I was meant to hear it.

Merry Christmas 2004

Okay, everyone knows I am a Fleetwood Mac fan. Here is the less known side of the Mac. That's Enough For Me from Tusk is the result of Lindsey Buckingham getting jazzed by New Wave and Punk and wanting to trash the whole Rumours formula. 1979 never sounded so late 90’s punkabilly. Uh, or something.

Bonus track is Here Comes My Baby, the original Cat Stevens version of Kerwin’s favorite Yo La Tengo song from Fakebook. I don’t have YLT’s version on MP3 (at least not in Taiwan), so K will have to provide it… I prefer YLT’s version, but the Cat version has some good things about it.

Dec 10th, 2004

Here are two songs by The Slits. A punk band from the class of ‘77, but these songs just kick my ass with how good they are. Typical Girls is the single and Instant Hit is the acquired taste. Love that fat reggae bass.

Dec 1st, 2004

Kerwin adds:

Nov 22, 2004