This is an obscure comic series I wrote for the Athletics Nation blog in September 2005. It was initially inspired by the use of the Red Meat cartoon generator (thanks to John Byrd for the tip!), but I soon found that a little limiting and customized it.

A lot of the humor is optimized for A’s fans, but I think it might still be understandable to non-A’s-fans. Diego Chavez is the newborn son of the highest-paid player on the A’s, Eric Chavez. I just thought it would be funny if he had a /Princess Bride/-style set of adventures, and the positive feedback made the whole thing spiral into a 12 part series.

ps. The second season can be found at TheAdventuresOfDiegoChavezSeasonTwo

http://owlmelon.com/AN/DiegoAdv1.gif http://owlmelon.com/AN/DiegoAdv2.gif http://owlmelon.com/AN/DiegoAdv3.gif http://owlmelon.com/AN/DiegoAdv4.gif http://owlmelon.com/AN/DiegoAdv5.gif http://owlmelon.com/AN/DiegoAdv6.gif http://owlmelon.com/AN/DiegoAdv7.gif http://owlmelon.com/AN/DiegoAdv8.gif http://owlmelon.com/AN/DiegoAdv9.gif http://owlmelon.com/AN/DiegoAdv10.gif http://owlmelon.com/AN/DiegoAdv11.gif http://owlmelon.com/AN/DiegoAdv12.gif