This is the third season of this obscure web comic. It’s being serialized at Athletics Nation starting Oct 15 2006.

The previous season is available at TheAdventuresOfDiegoChavezSeasonTwo. There were two bonus comics, viewable at ADayInTheHeadOf (Chavez and Melhuse thought processes).

The last comic was added in July 2011 after Mark Ellis was traded.

http://owlmelon.com/AN/DiegoAdventures3-1.gif http://owlmelon.com/AN/DiegoAdventures3-2.gif http://owlmelon.com/AN/DiegoAdventures3-3.gif http://owlmelon.com/AN/DiegoAdventures3-4.gif http://owlmelon.com/AN/DiegoAdventures3-5.gif http://owlmelon.com/AN/DiegoAdventures3-6.gif http://owlmelon.com/AN/DiegoAdventures3-7.gif