TheHopeBombs (wikipedia) are a curiously influential and mostly confusing geek-punk band I was in from 1994-1996. One day I’ll write the story of this musical adventure. It had its weird and interesting moments…

Sex With Euclid 7"

For now, you can download our first 7” single in lovely digitized form. Each bit has been carefully preserved, from the original notes recorded at Art of Ears Studio recorded to fat analog 24-track tapes, dubbed down to a mediocre generic brand cassette tape, lost in a big pile of other tapes for several years and subject to random magnetic fields and the burning rays of the sun, subsequently unearthed and played through a dying Portastudio 424 into a Powerbook G4 where careful algorithms smashed it down using something like 192bit MP3 encoding. Whatever.

Someday I’ll scan the brilliant liner notes and record labels.

More Songs About Riots, Arson and Jaywalking

I have unearthed and digitized a fourth generation copy. I have to admit, I kind of like this tape now that enough time has passed. Songs, Liner Notes and Lyrics now available at MoreSongs.

The Contempt of Pete, The Great Lost Lookout! Record

In 1996, we negotiated with Lookout! Records to have them distribute a record. I remember sitting in the office and we had just played them our last studio recording. Chris Whatshisname looked thoughtful and said, “You guys really…” and paused. I remember distinctly feeling certain to my bones that his next word was going to be “suck”. Robert Eggplant later told me he had the exact same feeling. Anyway, the next words were actually “are interesting and different”, or something like that. He explained that Lookout! really wanted to support weirdos like us and he wanted to do it. Then we walked home from Lookout! on University to my place, TheFishHouse, on Bancroft, and got into a huge argument. In the next thirty minutes, we broke up. Oh well. Anyway, there was this lingering matter of our last studio recording. They exist somewhere. I believe a few songs were put out on a SPAM recording. If I can find them, I’ll post them.

S.P.A.M. Records

These guys were our greatest, and possibly our only fans. They liked us so much they started a whole record label full of bands. I don’t know what’s happened to it now, as their web page seems to have gone extinct, but this bunch of great guys grew a pretty large indie label from nothing.