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Images and Memories

Last updated June 10th, 2002

This is a page for images and memories from the wedding. For us, the event was a celebration of the friendships we have kept over the years and the family that has supported us, nurtured us and strengthened us. We hope you will allow us the privilege of sharing your memories and photos here. Please send text and images to either erichsu@math.sfsu.edu or emrigsby@mindspring.com.

This is a humble and initial effort at recording some of our memories, This page will be updated further in July after we return from travelling.

Cragmont Ceremony

A few pictures from the Cragmont Rock Park ceremony taken by Theresa Rigsby.
Leslie, Cindy, Dash, Tiana
left bank

Kerwin So's Ofoto Page (requires a free Ofoto account)

Pictures at the Left Bank reception taken by John Byrd on Kerwin's camera.

Ohlone Park Picnic

A few pictures from the Ohlone Park picnic on 6/7/02.
that milo

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