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double happiness

Our deepest thanks go out to the people that made this celebration such a positive and wonderful experience:
  • Lexi Moustaphas for presiding over the ceremony
  • Laura Harwood, Roger Berkowitz, and John Byrd for their moving readings
  • Theresa Rigsby, Jason Dougherty, Josephine Noah, Stephen Chang and Cindy Pugh for their help setting up
  • Shawny Anderson and Lisa Manter for the ceremony flowers
  • Sarah Cline and the Farallon Five for beautiful brass music
  • John Byrd, Chris Mitra and Kerwin So for postnuptial rock
  • Our friends and family who came across miles and years to bear witness
  • And finally, our wonderful and supportive parents, Robert and Karen Hsu and Leo and Mary Rigsby.
Our cat Thule as a dragon

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